Pokemon Go Getting Gen 2 Soon

It seems that the generation 2 Pokemon could be coming to Pokemon Go soon. The game’s latest Android patch has been datamined by TheSilphRoad, and quite a bit of information has come out. The move Transform is now in the game. The move is a quick move, and does not require charging. The datamine also revealed new code for a gym lockout, or anti-sniping, has appeared.

However the biggest news is by far the addition of the new Pokemon. The announcement by Silph Road reads:

  • Pokedex #152 (Chikorita) to #251 (Celebi)
  • Moveset data has not appeared for the 100 new species, and a client-side update (e.g. v0.45.1) will be required for them to begin appearing in-game

It seems that generation 2 will finallt be coming, but is it too late? I feel that the playerbase may have dwindled down a bit too much to create the player spike Niantic are looking for. What are your thoughts? Do you still play Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments.

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