Oh…Sir!! & Oh…Sir!! The Hollywood Roast Heading To Switch

Good Shepard Entertainment have announced in a press release that Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator and it’s sequel Oh…Sir!! The Hollywood Roast are heading to Nintendo Switch.

Oh…Sir!! is a comical game that sees players attempting to roast their opponent. The game works on a turn basis, and players form sentences by choosing one option on screen. Once that option is picked, the opponent cannot use it and of course vice versa. However it’s a tad more complicated than that. Sentences must be formed properly, or the game will punish the player by deducting points. Bonus points can be earned by addressing certain parts of your opponent, such as a hat.

Oh…Sir!! The Hollywood Roast is a spinoff of the base game, and takes the action to Hollywood. The game promises even more insults as well as an expanded career mode. The game also offers new situations based on classic movie icons as well as a new scoring system and a new comeback mechanic.

Both titles support both single player and local multiplayer. The original Oh…Sir!! will set you back $1.99, while the Hollywood spinoff will cost you $2.99. Both games will be available on the Nintendo eShop from 18th January. Have you ever played either of these? I played The Hollywood Roast at EGX Rezzed last year and actually had a blast. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

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