New Star Wars Battlefront Patch Lands Today

Today saw the release of a new patch for Star Wars Battlefront which will add an offline skirmish mode as well as updating and tweaking a range of maps, modes, weapons, heroes, and more.

The new skirmish mode will let players play the Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes against AI controlled bots either alone or online with a friend. The mode will also support split screen but only locally on console.

Star Wars Battlefront
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As well as the skirmish mode, the Star Wars Battlefront patch also tweaks the partner system. This will increase the spawning checks made on a partner from 2 seconds to 1 second. According to the official patch notes, this will “more accurately determine if you are able to spawn or not” and “should make it less likely that players will be able to partner spawn when being close to an enemy before a fire fight has started.” Another welcome change means spawning on your partner is now disables if an enemy is within 10 metres which was previously only 2 metres.

There are also a range of tweaks in other areas. A new scoring change will mean that kill assists will not increase trait rank, they will only give score. Other changes also include an increased time between rounds, from 60 to 90 seconds. There is also a slight change in star cards meaning they will refresh faster if you stay close to the objective.

The heroes/villains have also had some tweaks. Vader can now deflect Han Solo’s Lucky Shot or Princess Leia’s Trooper Bane but the shot will stun him for a short period. Boba Fett has also had an overhaul, increasing the damage distance of the flamethrower and giving the option to cancel mid-flame. Also, Lightsaber attacks from Luke or Vader will now always kill enemies, regardless of whether they have the Bacta Bomb Star card.

The hefty new patch will come in at 12 GB and a full and extensive list of all of the changes can be found here.

Are you still playing Star Wars Battlefront? Will these updates keep you interested or tempt you to pick the controller up again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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