New Arkham Knight Statue Revealed

Statue company Prime 1 have announced that its latest statue will be based on Batman: Arkham Knight and will feature his gold tipped suit. The statue will stand at an impressive 34 inches (nearly 3 feet) tall and has an impressive price tag to match, costing $900 (around £720).

The statue was announced on Facebook along with the news that only 500 are being made. The statue is called the the Batman Prestige Edition statue and features a flexible cape, detachable gargoyles on the base and 2 switchable palms, one of which can hold the Batclaw.

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The suit features is the v8.05 Prestige edition suit which is unlockable in Arkham Knight but is no easy feat. Players must reach 240% completion which is achieved by completing the story campaign twice, finishing every side quest and completing the Season of Infamy DLC!

No released date has been announced as yet but more details will hit Prime 1’s Facebook page so keep an eye out.

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