Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain Hidden Cut Scene Finally Triggers….But It’s A Mistake!

A hidden cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has triggered, despite the parameters not being met.

The Phantom Pain involves warring factions of players building and disarming nuclear weapons, with the cut scene supposedly triggering when all nukes had been disarmed. The cutscene was triggered late last week despite the objectives not being met as thousands of nukes are still present in the game. According to the latest update on Konami’s Japanese Twitter account, the number of weapons on PC currently stands at 9864, PS4 at 1855 and Xbox One is the lowest at just 205.

Developer Konami have admitted something has gone wrong on the PC version and are currently trying to resolve it.

In a statement on Twitter, Konami stated:

“The nuclear disarmament event was triggered in the Steam version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on Feb 2nd at approximately 12:00 GMT. We are still investigating, but can confirm that the event was triggered while the nuke count hadn’t reached zero.”

What do you think of the cutscene being delivered early? Is it disappointing or do you think there was little chance of it being triggered without being leaked? Let us know in the comments section or drop us a Tweet!

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