Hulu Order Four Exclusive esports Shows

Hulu are joining the world of esports and have ordered four original series from ESL, based around the world of competitive video-gaming. The shows will premiere exclusively on the US streaming platform and will consist of around 15 hours of content in total.

The shows will range from in-depth documentaries to shorter podcast style discussions. The shows are Player v. Player – a gaming based talk show;  Bootcamp, which follows a competitive CS:GO team called The Immortals; ELS Replay which will recap CS:GO, Dota 2 and PUBG tournaments from October through December and Defining Moments which will see experts analysing a different topic each week.

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ESL have described each of the shows in more detail on their website, excerpts of which are below.

Player V. Player

“Player V. Player is a gamified debate show with casters and esports influencers facing off over the hottest topics in esports. Panelists accrue points while debating both newsy and big picture topics for ultimate bragging rights, with a final challenge over a classic video game. The result is an urgent, passionate conversation amongst signature esports personalities, connecting communities while also pitting them against one another.”


“Bootcamp is a weekly docu-series following The Immortals, a top CS:GO team, as they rebuild their roster leading up to IEM Oakland, one of the premiere esports events in North America that takes place on November 18-19 at Oracle Arena. With the tournament just weeks away, and currently three players short of a full team, The Immortals must find new talent and quickly build a cohesive team.”

Defining Moments

“Dive deep into the most impactful moments in esports history with passionate casters and analysts explaining what made these moments so monumental. Defining Moments will cover many of the top games and fan the flames of ongoing debates about these plays. Each episode is centered on a specific theme for the week, whether trick-shots and insane reflex skills, controversial moves and their impact on gaming history, or long-lasting rivalries and how they came to be.”

ESL Replay

“ESL Replay is a fast-paced, condensed, documentary-style recap of the most memorable moments from four of the biggest multi-day esports tournaments in the world, including in-depth analyses and behind-the-scenes footage not part of the tournament live stream. A never-before-seen view of the tournament that will entertain those who watched the full tournament and those who missed the action and want to see what they missed. Each episode of Replay will be edited and aired within a week of the live event.”

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Lisa Holme, Hulu’s VP of content acquisition said, “ESports is one of the fastest-growing areas of media and entertainment, and through this first-of-its-kind deal with ESL we can now bring the popular world of esports to Hulu,” She added that Hulu subscribers, especially those who access the service on video-game consoles, “are hungry for this type of content — so we’re excited to offer it on Hulu for the first time.”

Exciting news that esports are becoming more accessible, this may pave the way for more content in other countries as well as the USA. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below or Tweet us!

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