For Honor Closed Beta Soon & How To Sign Up

Ubisoft announced For Honor’s closed beta begins in January. Here’s how to sign up.

You must sign up in the official website for a chance of gaining early access to the game and earn special rewards.

Entering the closed beta will automatically enroll you in War of the Factions and give you access to additional rewards:

In War of the Factions, all multiplayer victories (as any hero) will contribute towards your declared faction and its global leaderboards. Entering the Closed Beta automatically enrolls you in War of the Factions, and all participants will receive a special in-game reward, with the winning factions earning additional in-game rewards to be revealed at a later date.

By entering the battlefield during beta you will receive badges called The Emblems of Old which you can redeem once the game is released.

for honor
Image Courtesy Of Ubisoft

Other rewards for entering the closed beta include the chance of winning custom consoles and For Honor gear, with more rewards to be announced in the future.

When starting the game you must first select a faction, the ones eligible are Knights, Samurai and Vikings. Each faction currently has three classes of heroes with a fourth coming soon. Once you select your hero you will be able to customize it as you advance in the game and earn rewards.

for honor
Image Courtesy Of Ubisoft

For Honor will be released on February 14 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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