Forza Horizon Developer Working On Open-World RPG

Playground Games are working on a AAA open-world action game. Playground Games, the studio that created the Forza Horizon series, has hired Sean Eyestone to become the new games team’s¬†production director. Eyestone was a senior producer on Star Wars: Battlefront II and before that he worked at Kojima Productions and worked on titles like MGS V: The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes.

They also hired Will Kennedy who worked for Rockstar North on titles like GTA V. Also hired was Juan Fernandez Di Simon who worked on Hellblade. Playground Games job site lists many other job positions that are open.

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Playground Games have also purchased a new studio that they will work out of. It is 17,365 square-foot and will house over 200 people who will work only on their new game. That makes more than 400 people total in the company which makes it one of the biggest studios in the UK and in the world. There is nothing else known about Playground Games new RPG game.

What do you think about them creating a new game? Are you excited for whenever they will unveil the details of the game? Let me know about it in the comments below!

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