Fortnite Apologise For Downtime With Freebies!

For those unhappy with the recent issues that Fortnite have been having, have no fear! You will be rewarded.

Epic games, the developers behind the smash hit shooter announced today that due to the ‘issues’ that the game has experienced over the last 24 hours, players can bag some freebies. In a post on their website, Epic admitted that they had “messed up”, leading to many players having problems during Save The World and Battle Royale modes (arguably the most popular) and will reward fans for their frustration this weekend.

The free Fortnite loot available will consist of:

  • A Back Bling gift (shown below) for Battle Royale players, which can be picked up in the store for free.
  • A Troll Stash Llama will be available for Save the World players, which will be available in the loot tab for free.

As well as the freebies above, Battle Royale players will also receive a “pack of battle stars” and Save The World players will receive seasonal gold, although this will not be distributed until the planned update next week.

Epic also stated that they plan to release a “detailed postmortem” in the future to explain what went wrong with Fortnite and plan to use it to improve services.

It’s always nice when mistakes are acknowledged and even better when it comes with free stuff! What do you think about Epic’s effort with Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section or drop us a Tweet!

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