Details About Attack On Titan 2’s New Features Released

KOEI TECMO have released details about the new details players can expect from Attack On Titan 2. The game reportedly has “exciting new and improved gameplay features” that players can look forward to. Attack On Titan 2 will feature Buddy Actions. These support actions can be offered by one team member to another and include; Rescue, Recovery and Titan Transformation (which obviously offers a team member the chance to transform and gain Titan powers).

Not all new features in the game will be so support orientated. Other moves include the hook drives, which results in a “fast-paced ‘jump and evade’ style attacks”. There are also sneak attacks which will help Scouts plan their attacks for the most powerful attacks at exactly the right time. To pull of a sneak attack Scouts must remain undetected by the Titans. To balance the gameplay players can now equip themselves with flash grenades, which can be used to incapacitate the Titans. There are also bases where players can replenish blades, gas and other items outside of battle.

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