Escape From Tarkov Preview

Escape From Tarkov is an upcoming first person shooter with MMO and RPG elements, but does it deliver?

Cuphead Review

Cuphead is the debut release form developers MDHR. It marries 1930 style visuals, jazz psychedelica, and bullet hell boss battles.

Don’t Knock Twice Review

Can Don’t Knock Twice do enough to stand out in a see of First-Person horror games?

Peregrin Review

I’ve have found myself approaching another puzzle game on the PC in the mould of Peregrin. Again it’s another indie game, so has this game continued the new found love I have puzzle games?

Smashbox Arena Review

There’s sometimes games that are released that make it difficult to review, because there’s not a great deal to what the games attempts to do. I feel that this an area that Smashbox Arena falls into. But, why do I feel this way?

Aporia: Beyond The Valley Review

Until recently I avoided puzzle games, as they weren’t really my cup-of-tea when it came to gaming. But, one thing VR gaming has taught me is to fully appreciate puzzle games. I was anticipating playing Aporia: Beyond The Valley, even-though it is not a VR game – so what did I think of the experience?

Little Nightmares – The Depths Review

This weekend saw the release of ‘The Depths’, the first of 3 DLC chapters for Bandai Namco’s creepy gem, Little Nightmares.