Beyond Good And Evil New Trademark

Ubisoft has filed a new trademark for “Beyond Good and Evil” hinting  something new  happening for the franchise. This trademark doesn’t necessarily mean anything in particular, it could just be the franchise re-securing it’s rights. In the past the emergence of trademark listings have been followed by announcements soon afterward

We will keep you updated on any new information that surfaces.

Beyond Good and Evil released in 2003 for the Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation 2, and PC. A sequel had been announced by designer Michel Ancel in 2008. During that time he had confirmed that the project had already been in preproduction.

Ubisoft has not shared much on Beyond Good and Evil 2, but that doesn’t mean that it is canceled. In August, 2014 Ubisoft Montpellier said that they are continuing to work on this project, but it’s still far too early to give any new details about this new title.

Are you guys excited for a possible Beyond Good and Evil sequel? What would you guys want to see from Beyond Good and Evil 2?

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