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I was recently given the opportunity to play a preview of Another Sight. Set towards the end of the Victorian era the game is “a surreal fantasy adventure with steampunk elements”. The game is a puzzle adventure game that promises an emotional story.

The story starts with Catherine, or Kit as she is referred to in the game. While exploring the Underground tunnels in London, Kit is involved in a tunnel collapse. She awakes in a different tunnel, not knowing where she is. More worryingly Kit has also lost her sight. Enter Hodge, a ginger cat that will become Kit’s fellow adventurer as she sets out to return to the surface and be reunited with her father. 

Another Sight

The idea of the game is that Hodge acts as Kit’s eyes. Kit can see a small part of the world around her, which is illustrated to the player as an orb that surrounds Kit. Kit’s sight is affected by sound; the higher the level of sound in the area the more Kit can see. This is very cleverly shown to the player when a train passes Kit, illuminating the entire screen with colour and allowing you to see the entire screen. Seconds after the train leaves the screen dims down again and it becomes hard to see once again. 

Another Sight

Hodge however can see the world as it truly is, in full. It is your job as Hodge to essentially guide Kit through the world. Kit does play her part though, helping Hodge through the area and solving puzzles so that the two of them can complete their objective. As Hodge it is possible to meow, lighting up part of the world so that Kit can see where she is going. The player can also have the two characters split up to explore different parts of the same area, something that is sometimes essential to understanding a puzzle. 

Throughout your time playing, Kit and Hodge will meet many people who will influence her journey in some way. In the preview Kit and Hodge met French artist Monet. After meeting Monet Kit’s vision of the world changed, and began to have a watercolour look to it. It was explained to me that more historical figures would be in the game, however none were shown to me on the day. 

Another Sight

Another Sight offers players a chance to play a game with some extremely creative mechanics. It’s puzzles are challenging, and Kit’s blindness certainly mean that you have to think before you act. The story of the game is extremely interesting and, despite having played it almost a week ago, is something I still think about from time to time. I cannot wait to see how Kit and Hodge’s journey plays out, and this is one game I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys puzzle games, or games that are rich in story. 

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