15 Inch Vault Boy Revealed

Website Gaming Heads have revealed the “Vault Boy 111 Charisma Mega Bobblehead”. Standing at an impressive 15 inches tall, this particular bobblehead is roughly three times the size of the original bobbleheads and shows Vault Boy in his iconic thumbs up pose. 

The bobblehead’s page states: 

“The Fallout® 4: Vault Boy 111 Charisma Mega Bobblehead is 15 inches tall, which is approximately 3 times of the size of our original Fallout® bobbleheads. The Vault Boy 111 Charisma Mega Bobblehead is made using polystone resin and depicts Vault Boy in his iconic thumb up pose. And yes, the Vault Boy 111 Charisma Mega Bobblehead head really does bobble.”

The bobblehead is available to pre-order now and costs a staggering $149.99, although some would argue that is worth it. I’ll leave that discussion to you, but you can pre-order the bobblehead from Gaming Head’s page. A gallery of the bobblehead is available below. 

Ben Robinson

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