Rocket League Is Getting A Basketball Mode

With March Madness just around the corner what better time to tease a new mode for Rocket League. Psyonix has announced that a new basketball mode will be coming to Rocket League which could quite possibly be called “Hoops”. Better brush up on those boosting skills, this new game mode is going to require you to have a high level of arial skills to launch this giant basketball into a halfpipe style hoop. It also looks as though new stadiums will be introduced to give it a more authentic feel. 

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Taken From:

This isn’t the first time rocket league has gone to sports other than soccer. Last year they introduced the snow day playlist which turned the field into an ice hockey rink and had the player launch a giant hockey puck into a goal. With Rocket Leagues huge success it’s not surprise that Psyonix continues to dish out new content. With March Madness starting March 15 it would be no surprise if we saw this basketball mode roll out out relatively soon. 

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