Straight Up Films Acquires Film Rights Of “Thief”

On March 11, 2016 Square Enix and Edios-Montreal announced that Straight Up Films, a Los Angles based company, has acquired that rights for the “Thief” video game franchise. Originally releasing in 1998 Thief has had its share of popularity. Getting a reboot in 2014 by the company Edios-Montreal, home to the critically acclaimed Deus-Ex, Thief has managed to retain a loyal amount of following and attract new fans with each entry to the franchise. Thief is a dark game set in a fantasy world ruled by an evil tyrant who exploits magic as a means of control. You play as a master thief who uses his skills to restore freedom and prosperity to the people. 

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Straight Up films will be working on this production along side Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh. Lee is known for being a producer on the How To Train Your Dragon franchise, and is currently working on a sequel to The Lego Movie. Askarieh is known for his work on 2007’s Hitman and its sequel Hitman: Agent 47.  

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