The Walking Dead Season 3 (Game) Release Date?

With the release of the new mini game by Telltale games, “Walking Dead: Michonne,” the Walking Dead gamer fans have been since wondering when Season 3 will be released. Thanks to Telltale themselves, we fans finally get a taste of when it will finally come out. As in the post Telltale has made, they vaguely hint to the release being soon.

Courtesy of Games on Delay
Courtesy of Games on Delay

The thread reads:

 “The Telltale team has been very hard at work in the world of the undead, and while a full third season of The Walking Dead is also currently deep in development, we don’t expect to be able to share any details until after this miniseries concludes. What we can say is that we expect this to be our biggest year for The Walking Dead we’ve ever had, and we’re excited to share this decidedly very different story with Michonne that will explore some themes we’re truly excited about bringing to the interactive space.”

A basic summary of the section of the thread is that the third season of the Walking Dead game is almost complete however they are not going to release any news regarding it until the miniseries is officially over. On the bright side, I do have some speculation on when it will be announced.

An earlier thread reads:

 “…when the premiere episode ‘In Too Deep’ arrives for download on February 23rd! The second episode will follow in March, and conclude in April not long afterward.” 

Courtesy of Mstars news
Courtesy of Mstars news

Here, Telltale releases unspecific dates on when the next two episodes of The Walking Dead: Michonne game. And if you refer to the previous quote, it says that they won’t release the third season or even talk about till the mini-series is over. Keep in mind, the previous two seasons were released around the same time (kinda) which was in April and December. Having the last episode in the mini-series be in April, an educated release guess would be in August or late September. Either way the third season is right around the corner.


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