The Division Open Beta News

The Division’s open beta will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One this week. Ubisoft has apparently made a few improvements for the event. Players can expect some new content that was not included in the closed beta, including the Subway Morgue mission that includes the Cleaners faction. Players will now also be able to unlock the first upgrade of the Tech Wing, new weapons will be in the Dark Zone, as well as a Deployable Turret skill.

The Dark Zone will be the most updated, more hostile non-player characters that are a bit tougher than in the closed beta. Chests will also not be as in abundance and will be much more slow to refresh. These updates were found in the patch notes on the PS4 version by ShackNews.

Xbox One players will be able to play on February 18th, PC and PS4 can join the following day; The open beta will end on February 21st.

Also, for players who have already played and downloaded the closed beta previously and not deleted the file, there will be an update to make it the open beta.

Exclusive items are said to be available to players who play the beta when the game is officially released.

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