Metal gear Online Gets Update, Brings New Game Mode

Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer mode of the award winning Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain, has received an update that brings with it a new game mode. 

The tweet from the MGO account giving the reveal. 
The tweet from the MGO account giving the reveal. 

The new game mode Survival comes as part of DLC for the game, and also contains new maps (featured in previous games). No more details as of yet, but some will become available soon. 

There was also a new software update (version 1.02), which has brought several changes to the game. The patch notes  show that: 

  • reload speed boosts gained by certain abilities have been removed
  • some draw speeds have been sped up while others have been slowed down
  • the flash effect from the flashbang will only affect the thrower if the flash is in camera (previously even turning your back on a grenade would still cause an effect to the player)

Check out the full patch notes to see all updates!

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